As a newly wed with two babies, my modeling aspirations was put on hold.

I am a mother of  two adult children and A Jajja, (Grandmother in Swahili) of  three gorgeous girls.

As the  only girl, in a family of four brothers, growing up was fun, but a challenge. 

I was always tall and linky, and    

a "girlie girlie." I always  enjoyed reading beauty and fashion magazines.  In addition, I was always coordinating outfits and hairstyles for myself and friends in my neighborhood.

As a 16 year old high school student, I enrolled in Fashion Design  school.  Moreover, I also enrolled In cosmetology college. I graduate with an Associate of Arts in Fashion Design. 

While continuing my education in cosmetology,  I participated in  hair shows, but instead of competing for the best hair award  I preferred modeling. It was always my first love.

I modeled  Jeans for Jordache and Gloria Vanderbilt.   My son was only six months old  and I was back in a size 7/8.

In  1985,  I was only 21 years old  when I married my children's  father.  As a newly wed with two babies, my modeling aspirations was  put on hold.

In 1992 , I  embarked upon a partnership with  two of my friends to open my first hair salon.   My salon was located next to a "Chucky E. Cheese's  Family Restaurant." 

During this time, a Brailizian cashier, named Ovideo,  informed me that he designed a few special designs  just for me.  I was elated! Then  he asked  me to model them for his fashion show.  I was his featured model  and to my surprise his other models welcomed me with open arms.

Divorce and custody battles are life changing endeavors that I had to endure; Therefore,  I had  to put my modeling  career on hold again and focus full-time on raising my children and my cosmetology business.

In 1998, my last modeling event was with my daughter for Target and JCPenney.

Now in 2019, nothing Is In my way of pursuing a career in Plus Size Modeling.

My season of motherhood has been over for quite sometime and my cosmetology clientele has slowed down.

On June 1, 2019, through my  networking event once again the doors of modeling has open wide for me.

Like The Words Of The Famous Song -

Rising Star -Plus Size Model of the Month

I am excited to share Plus Size Model Sharon Palmer photos and with you. Sharon is a God fearing and loving lady. She has a genuine calming and caring heart, and she makes you feel like you are an instance friend.   

As we welcome Sharon back to the modeling game, she is prepared to work hard and achieve her dreams.  

She has embraced her curves and loves her body.  She is our  Plus Size Rising Star - Model of the Month. 

She states that her passion is “...Helping  people to see their natural God Given beauty “ through her work as a hair stylist.    When Sharon is not rocking the runway, posing for photo shoots, and attending go-sees, submitting photos to magazines and casting directors, she enjoys organizing networking events to help  businesses gain exposure and prosper.    These are just a few ways she gives back to others. 

 In addition, Sharon enjoys learning about  different cultures, their traditions and  food, from their point of view.

Sharon is a mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur, but most importantly she is a Plus Size Model - finally!

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